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Question 1
A.) & B.) Health Psychology has to be the most interesting topic from the many divisions of the APA. Conducting research based on the psychological behaviors of people is being related to ones health. The key that most interests me is how they are conducting research on unhealthy behaviors. They relate to psychology in many ways. Unhealthy behaviors can lead to many bad choice you make such as: drugs, un-protective sex, alcohol, smoking, stress, diet, obesity, and etc. I can see how this relates to one another. For example, If I were to say young adults have been eating unhealthy food causing then to be obessed, that would be my opinion. You will not technically know the exact reason on why they are obesed or how they got
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I personally tried it myself with my next test. Basically it is a method where they give you 5 ways that you can improve the way that you study. It’s processing information in all the possible ways such by surveying ,asking questions, reading, retrieving, and reviewing. It is a way of highlight or getting imprtoant facts and ideas from the course your are examining over.

*SURVEY, is by going through the books and notes and looking over the topic, main ideas, and headers. You can also look at pictures of graphs over the section you are reading. You can look at a study guide also.
* QUESTION. You can do this by changing the topic into a question and think about it as you read or review. Try to answer it your self and then relate that to the answer you found in the reading. Think about questions you would like to know that you don’t already about the topic. *READ. Try not to overwhelm yourself with reading to much at time. Your more likely to confuse yourself by doing so. Read section by section, highlighting the main ideas and vocabulary, doing a practice test, having opinons about the context that your are studying for. Pay attention to the main points, bold words or things that are underlined. Try to answer the questions that you asked before
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The methods that they give for studying is very helpful. I have a test coming up next week and I will try these 5 ways out. I think asking questions about topics before I read them can improve what I already know about the topic. Reading the passages will make me memorize the context as will answering my questions will. I will not have to re-read chapters from my book over and over. Taking notes and highlighting main ideas will help me focus on key points on my test. I think I will get extra information even after I am done testing. I know I will not be studying all over the place but I will be managing my time wisely by using these methods. Maybe my questions I asked my self about the topics will be on the

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