Health Organization Case Study Essay

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Health Organization Case Study
Christina Churu
Grand Canyon University
Nursing and Leadership Management
NRS 451 V

September 23, 2012

Health Organization Case Study
Banner Health is a nonprofit health care system that was started on September 1, 1991 after the merger of Samaritan Health System and Lutheran Health Systems. Before the merger Lutheran Health System had a long standing history as a respected health care provider in rural communities located across Western and Midwestern states dating as far back as 1938 while Samaritan Health System was formed in 1911 and had a reputation for clinical excellence in California and Arizona primarily in the metro Phoenix area. The headquarters of Banner Health are located in Phoenix
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Through the use of Care Management System, some of Banner Health System members work to continuously identify clinical improvements, test those improvements and implement the improvements throughout their health system to provide quality care . The Health Care system also uses Performance management which is designed to compare Banner Health Care Systems performance with the performance of other leading hospitals in the nation .Quality of care is compared in areas such as Stroke ,ICU ,Heart Failure and open heart surgery to identify and use best practice .Banner Health has invested in the use of next generation technology that treats or eliminates patients tumors without a surgical incision .
Banner Health Care System believes in being a good steward to the community and the environment through their “Think Green” Program which is aimed at reducing the impact on the environment .The use of reusable sharps containers which cuts down on potential waste and help to reduce potential harm to their staff from handling sharp containers .
Network Growth
When Banner Health System started in 1991 there were 22,500 employees, and 2.882 beds .Today the system operates in seven states and has increased its employees by 64% to 35,000. the hospital beds are currently at 4,330 beds an increase of 66.5% since they started In 2012 Banner intends to open at least three Banner Health

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