Health Issues Of Health Care Essay

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At present, health systems become important elements that play significant part in improving and maintaining health status of population both in high-income and low-middle-income countries (WHO, 2007). Most of the health systems in the world are still in improvement to grow into more effective systems by making health priorities, building relevant health policies, and allocating more funding (Dudley and Garner, 2011). Nevertheless, those efforts to build well-functioning health system are not easy due to the fact that most countries have to deal with various challenges in providing health services for all people. For instance, health inequities regarding health care access still occur in many countries due to many barriers such as the lack of health resources as well as the health disparities between people who live in rural and urban area. In addressing such issues, the health systems have to be strengthened to conduct more effective and comprehensive interventions that are appropriate to the current conditions.
Since the declaration of Alma-Ata, the Primary Health Care (PHC) has been recognized as a strategy to support the health systems performance particularly in delivering health services (Kruk et al., 2010). By expanding health services, the PHC concept tries to overcome several health issues related to the social determinants of health as well as health inequities in population. The principles of PHC which are equity, community participation, multi-sectoral approach,…

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