Health Issues Of Aboriginal Health Essay

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Current Issue
Studies have shown Aboriginal health to be much poorer than that of non-indigenous Canadians (Oster, Mayan, & Toth, 2014). This correlates with the skyrocketing rate of diabetes mellitus, which has risen over the past decades because of harmful, dramatic changes in the lifestyle of Aboriginals (Health Canada, 2013b). An increasing number of this aggregate are smoking, eating processed foods, and making other harmful choices towards personal health, all of which are modifiable (Health Canada, 2013b). Other non-modifiable aspects that have also contributed to this increased rate include various psychosocial factors stemming from a history of assimilation, in which cultural values and practices diminished and various barriers to healthcare were created (Harris, Bhattacharyya, Dyck, Naqshbandi Hayward, & Toth, 2013). These barriers include, but are not limited to lack of appropriate assessment and screening tools as well as fragmented healthcare. When examining fragmented healthcare, it is perceived to be one of the most common barriers to healthcare among Aboriginal communities (Harris, Bhattacharyya, Dyck, Naqshbandi Hayward, & Toth, 2013). It is a common barrier is because many healthcare providers do not acknowledge traditional, holistic care as a method of treatment and health maintenance. This in turn creates tension when they are working to promote the health of Aboriginals, which can lead to an increased prevalence of various health-related issues,…

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