Health Insurance Essay

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Executive Summary
The health care in the United States has often been credited with being some of the best money can buy, though with the caveat that it does not provide health care to all its citizens, and millions are left with woefully little or no health care coverage. However, in Canada, universal health care serves its entire population, though there is also criticism that the care it does provide lacks the quality of the most expensive health care services in the U.S. This paper will examine the truth behind the quantity and quality argument between the universalized health care in Canada and the health care system in the U.S., while also taking into account the recent reforms made to the U.S. system and how it impacts such a
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In March 2010, the US Congress passed regulatory reform of the American health insurance system. However since this legislation is not fundamental health care reform, it is unclear what its effect will be and as the new legislation is implemented in stages, with the last provision in effect in 2018, it will be some years before any empirical evaluation of the full effects on the comparison could be determined.
Canada and the United States had similar health care systems in the early 1960s, but now have a different mix of funding mechanisms. Canada's universal single-payer health care system covers about 70% of expenditures, and the Canada Health Act requires that all insured persons be fully insured, without co-payments or user fees, for all medically necessary hospital and physician care. About 91% of hospital expenditures and 99% of total physician services are financed by the public sector. Ophthalmology and dental services account for a lot of the private expenditures in Canada. In the United States, with its mixed public-private system, 16% or 45 million American residents are uninsured at any one time. The U.S. is one of two OECD countries not to have some form of universal health coverage, the other being Turkey. Mexico established a universal healthcare program by November 2008.
The governments of both nations are closely involved in health care.

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