Obama Care Pros And Cons

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Have you ever been afraid of getting sick? The fear lies not so much in the illness so much as the cost of the treatment. As you may well be aware of, the healthcare system in the United States could use some reform. That is what many believe anyway. Those who do not get their healthcare via health plans through their work inevitably have to pay for health care through more standard means, myself included. The most relevant form of health care, and the focus of my paper, is The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. While I am certainly no politician, many political stances on health insurance have major effects. Contrary to its name, the Affordable Care Act might not be just that, “affordable,” and might be doing more harm than …show more content…
Unfortunately, the issue is not a simple one and cannot be easily resolved. Regardless, there are those whole believe that Obamacare is doing more good than harm. The main goal of Obamacare was to make sure that everyone was insured and they managed to achieve that. According to Sally Kohn, one hundred and five million people no longer have life expense caps. This means that before Obamacare, the elderly would be denied access to health insurance because of chronic illnesses or restrictive policies set forth by the provider. This also set president for preexisting conditions. If someone were to have, for example, diabetes and they tried to change insurance carriers, it would be very difficult because they could claim this to be a preexisting condition and would not legally have to cover this person, but this changed with Obamacare. The youth of America also benefit because they are allowed to remain on their parent or guardians health care plan until the age of twenty-six. This benefits approximately three million youths. The list goes on and on, however the main point the supporters of Obamacare try to make is that everybody is covered, from the youth to the elderly and from the low income households to small businesses and their workers. Also, the Affordable care act mandates that a minimum of eighty percent of the premiums be used on health care rather than advertisements and

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