Sick Around America Reflection

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I decided to do the last reflection paper on Sick Around America because I am curious to why there still is problem of paying for affordable health when so many people in the US continue to suffer and die because of it. I would just have imagined by this day and time that someone would have come to a proposed solution so that everyone could afford some type of medical care for problems that they suffer from. It just put me at awe when these insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield do and do not do when for one of their customers when one of them has a major medical problem that needs attention. It seems that most of the insurance companies only are concerned about the largest amount of money that you can pay them and the least amount of money that the company would have to pay out …show more content…
We need to copy the way other nations provide health insurance for their people, because there is no need reason why a person who works 20 years of their life with a company to be let go 5 years before retirement and then suffer from a heart dieses and lose all of their life earning spending it in medical expenses and to later go into bankruptcy. If we want free and avoidable health care for everyone, then everyone in the US would have to provide some type of payment that is based on what they make yearly. Massachusetts was a state, in 2009, that required all of the people living there a requirement to pay for insurance. Yes it is a good idea, but it can not work with just one state doing so. If we want to make a change like this then the whole country would have to be aboard with a requirement payment for medical insurance regardless if people want it or not. With how America is going about charging and supplying medical is not what it should be and we need a better

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