Essay on Health Inequalities Surrounding Mental Health

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This essay will debate differing approaches to health inequalities surrounding ‘mental health’, ‘social class’ gender, it will provide a critical understanding In line with ‘biomedical model’ classification of health. The focus is to analyse health inequalities in relative to social class, discussing whether policy and its implementation translate into to practice, whilst investigating the disparities in the prevision of health services dependent on class status. Hence it will unpack previous studies quantifying possible predilection, towards gender bias. Ultimately, this essay will scrutinise whether mental health professional’s practices is discriminatory towards women or men. Subsequently, studying individuals ' experiences central to the diagnosis, and treatment process. This paper will conclude, by evaluating individuals’ future development, whilst examining any long term effects on health dependent of social class.
Traditionally, medicine centres on the ‘biomedical model’ approach to health care. This model of health care, universally accepted as the definitive process for diagnosis and treatment of health and illness by western societies. However, critics have argued fundamental limitations of this model of care fails to take into consideration what sociologist consider key elements essential to social wellbeing of individuals, principally dismissing emotional, environmental, and social influences’ Nettleton (2006). Although, research acknowledges significant…

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