Health Disparities Among African American Infants Essay

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Introduction Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) also known as infant death rate, is the death of an infant before his or her first birthday. Infant mortality is calculated, by the number of children who die under a year of age divided by the number of live births that year. Infant mortality rate is very important as it relates to the health of pregnant women, children and infants and it’s associated with maternal health, quality and access to medical care, socioeconomic conditions, and public health practices. The most important purpose of this review is to examine and understand why African American infants are disproportionately affected and the factors(Low birth weight, preterm birth weight and very low birth weight and infant mortality) …show more content…
This mechanism is supported by the observation of substantially increased incidence of smoking, hypertension, and other pregnancy risk factors observed in African American women compared with white women in older maternal age groups. Many of these intervening risk factors showed no difference by race, or incidence favors African American women when comparisons are made at younger ages (Collins, David, Love, Rankin, Richard 2010). Many of the most affluent neighborhoods in Cook County are in suburbs where over 90% of the population is white. Stressors related to perceived or actual racial discrimination persist despite the neighborhood economic environment. The impact of perceived racism has recently been shown to be stronger in neighborhoods where African Americans, having escaped the ghetto, comprise a racial minority within a community made up mostly of whites. Investigations have established that the weathering effect is modified by the mother’s socioeconomic situation and tends to be more pronounced in the lower economic status (Collins, David, Love, Rankin, Richard 2010). The study in Milwaukee, Wisconsin revealed that African Americans born in upper SES fared the same or worse than whites born in the lower SES group. Although higher SES

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