Health Care Web Application And It 's Underlying Database Essay examples

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The subject of this report, iTrust, is a role-based health care Web application. This system provides medical personnel with a means by which to manage patients’ medical records including those from other medical providers. The system also enables patients to see and monitor the access of their own medial records and medical information. Medical personnel can be alerted when patients show signs of chronic illness or when they have missed an immunization. Furthermore, aggregated medical data provided via iTrust can help medical personnel detect a potential epidemic.
Following industry best practices of using outside, neutral parties to provide an impartial security assessment, iTrust engaged cybersecurity academic research group Team Champions to assess the primary cyber threats to and vulnerabilities of the organization’s Web application and it’s underlying database. This undertaking would include, among other services, penetration testing of the iTrust website, analysis of the backend resources including the database, and a deliverable to include a summary of the findings as well as recommendations for security improvements. This study was conducted in October and November of 2014 with a deliverable date of November 16, 2014.
The Team Champions cybersecurity academic research group consists of University of Maryland University College CSEC630 students Brian Green, Rob Engels and Scott Dees. The team divided the responsibilities and collaborated to…

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