Health Care Reform : Nursing, Nursing Practice, And Leadership

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As nurses we are always in the forefront of changing the status quo relating to the everyday operations of nursing practice. It seems that the more advances are made in nursing, the more responsibilities are placed on nurses. This trend is going to continue for nursing as health care reform is being placed to provide care and allow easier access to people who normally wouldn’t receive medical attention. The need for nursing will also continue to grow due to people living longer in their golden years than before. There is a great influence that will change, shape, and fulfill the future of nursing with greater patient care, regarding Education, nursing practice, and leadership.
In order to continue to strive for better nursing care their needs to be a transformation in education. The emphasis is place on the undergraduate program for future nurses. Nurses that obtain BSN degree have acquired a wider range of competencies compared to ADN nurses. According to The National Academy of Sciences,” One study found that new BSN graduates reported significantly higher levels of preparation in evidence-practice, research skills, and assessment of gaps in area such as teamwork, collaboration, and practice” (199). Patient care is becoming more complex, in which nurses must make critical decisions that ADN nurses are not prepared to handle. RWJF Nursing Research Network reported that 76 percent of physician believe that BSN nurses are more competent (National Academy of Sciences…

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