Health Care Is In Need Of Help Essay

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Katelyn Thomulka
Mrs. Dolby
English 3
14 December 2016
The Health Care System Is In Need of Help
Ever since we were born we have depended on health care to keep us alive so far, so shouldn’t it all just be made simpler? In a survey done in 1998 by the Health Conference Survey, 59 percent of Americans believe that America’s health care system is in need of major changes (Nordhaus 156). While 36 percent of Americans believe minor changes are needed (Nordhaus 156). Since the health care system is complex it also has rising prices when it comes to owning insurance many people find it hard to afford insurance to obtain health care in the United States. One tragic story that suffered from an insurance company was 18-month old Mychelle Barris (Sherrow 97).
One night she arrived at the local emergency room with her mother, and the child had a high fever of 106.6 degrees fahrenheit, that could be fatal (Sherrow 97). The ER doctors tried to persuade Mychelle’s HMO to allow the care the child needed which was blood tests, and antibiotics but the HMO representative
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This program will allow health care for everyone for free, or at a reasonable cost (“Heatlth Care Issues” 1). This is done by taxes being taken out of paychecks automatically that goes towards the country 's health care spending budget (“Health Care Issues” 1). For example, Albert Fuchs, a practicing physician, blames insurance companies for creating such high prices for medical care (“Health Care Issues” 2). So, if healthcare is brought down in price and/or government funded bringing insurance companies to foreclose the prices will hopefully drop to an affordable range (“Health Care Issues” 2). Eliminating insurance companies and having the government fund health care will allow health care for

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