Essay on Health and Safety in a Construction Place

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| Health, Safety and Welfare | Main elements of effective health and safety policy along with the organizational arrangements necessary for its implementation | | Nipuna Rangana Rathnayaka | ICBT/MT/CV/03/07 |


This is the second assignment given to us under the Health, Safety & Welfare subject. The scenario of a construction site is given with the situations that occurred and occurring and we have to provide solutions for the health and safety concerns as the appointed safety manager.

Table of contents Task 2 Task 2.1 a. Analyzing of existing safety policy and procedures b. Roles of individuals Task 2.2 * Recommended Training for the present situation Task 2.3 * Methods of
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The employees should be given the knowledge about the safe systems of working, and drills to show how they work.

* Provide adequate information and opportunities for employees to raise health and safety issues.
Employees must be given the knowledge about hazards and risks in the construction site that can be occurred, and they should be encouraged to express their ideas and to raise issues when they are aware of them. The safety committee must contain a representative from the employees so the employee issues can be directed to him and he can communicate with the responsible parties during meetings.

* Provide each employee with the information, instruction and training necessary for safe working and will provide adequate supervision.
Before any construction work start, the employees must be given the adequate information about the construction plan and information required. Also each and every employee must be given training necessary for safe working in the construction site and after appointed they should be on proper supervision by the supervisors.

* Consult and involve employees or their representatives where possible.
The company must contact the employee representative when an issue or a scenario occurred. This representative must be in the safety committee and have the right to speak, share and raise issues or other information necessary

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