Essay on Health And Diet : Healthy And Having Daily Nutritious Food

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Health and Diet

Being healthy and having daily nutritious food is beneficial to your body in numerous of ways. The human body is an amazing aspect, and needs to be taken care of correctly. Being healthy does take discipline when you have fast foods and different types of restaurants at every corner but the outcome may shock you. As there are many ways you can harm your body there are a great amount of ways that you can nurture you body as well.

A few important keys to becoming healthy is to diet, exercise, and being positive. You could start off by looking at a food table, you would be able to see that at the bottom of the table is the breads and rice. The breads you can take to about 6-11 servings a day, above the breads are fruits and vegetables. For vegetables you would have to take about 3-5 servings a day and for fruits 2-4 servings. The next panel is your milks and meats and a good portion of 2-3 daily is good for you. Lastly are the fats such as fries, burgers, chips and many more, it is best to eat them once awhile or not at all and some other examples of what not to eat would be packaged food. It is important to eat 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some snacks in between prime meals and also to drink water daily, a minimum of 7 cups of water. Water helps the skin regulate temperature by sweating and is the body’s transport system. Vegetables are to be consumed throughout your meals because they have many well needed minerals and vitamins, studies…

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