Head Injuries in the Nfl Essay

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Playing football as a kid was always every little boys dream of one day becoming a professional player in the NFL. Suiting up in cleats, shoulder pads, and helmets was always a fun time. Back in high school when the coaches would make you have two a day practices to get ready for the fall. In the back of the players minds, and even their parents is the idea of a very bad injury or even a concussion. What is a concussion you might ask? Concussion is a temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. The term is also used loosely of the after effects such as confusion or temporary incapacity. Concussions can be very difficult to spot
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Imagine stepping on the football field and getting ready for a ball game, but in the players mind they are not just thinking how they are going to defeat the opposing team, but also hoping that they do not sustain a head to head collusion that will result to a concussion on the play. Concussions happen throughout all sporting events, but most occur in the game of football. They are many consequences when playing the game of football, most notably head injuries. “At issue is the growing awareness that repeated blows to the head, not just those that are severe enough to cause concussion, increase the risk for a variety of symptoms later in life, such as depression, poor motivation and concentration, and problems with learning and memory”(Miller,Michael January 2010). More incidents are occurring in the game of football and is catching up to the league with hefty lawsuits. Blows to the head are a serious health issue that is becoming a big concern to players and future players to be. Players can easily sustain concussions to the head either when another player hits another player in the head from helmet to helmet contact. It can also lead to serious if not deadly health issues such as depression, loss of motivation skills, and even problems with learning and memory. Having a concussion can lead to brain injuries that are caused when the nerve cells are badly damaged if you get hit numerous times in the

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