Head Injuries in the Game of Football Essay

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Head Injuries in the Game of Football

Head Injuries in the Game of Football
250,000 people age 19 and younger were treated in emergency rooms for concussions and other sports- or recreation-related brain injuries in the country in 2009. That was an increase from 150,000 in 2001 (Cleared to Play). Did you know that high school athletes sustain an estimated 136,000 to 300,000 concussions per year (Moms Team)? How about that 24.7 percent, out of all the patients who were admitted into an emergency department with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), obtained their head injury while playing football (Swarm Interactive)? That is higher than any other sport or activity associated with TBIs. Brain injuries contribute one third of all
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NFL’s only comment is that there is not enough evidence to draw a conclusion. It is clear that through the NFL’s actions many people have been kept in the dark about the real harms of football.
It was these lawsuits that brought an interest to studying the long-term effects of head trauma (Medical News Today). The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has proven that damage to the brain can last up to decades after the original trauma. Dr. Lassonde, a neurologist, tested athletes who had suffered from a concussion. She tested for visual, listening and responding. Her findings indicated that, “there is abnormal brain wave activity for years after a concussion, as well as partial wasting away of the motor pathways,” leading to attention problems (Medical News Today). Her results have indicated that when a player has a concussion, they should stop playing and stay away from mental exercises until their symptoms subside. Doctors now take the extra precaution and wait at least two weeks after a concussion to play again. The reason being that if an athlete returns to a sport too quickly after a concussion and then suffers another, the athlete is put at an extremely high risk of serious neurological damage (Medical News Today). These explanations are good

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