Essay on Have We Taken Our Independence for Granted?

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Today as we freely move around in our country without anyone questioning or imposing any kinds of restrictions on us we feel satisfied and contended. But this satisfaction is due to the efforts taken by our freedom fighters or national leaders to free our country from the British rule. Its because of our them that today we are enjoying are freedom. Their satyagrahas, sacrifices, and tortures have resulted in the freedom that we enjoy today in our motherland India. But, what have we done after that? They gave us freedom and went, but after that what have we, as Indians, done for this country? Haven’t we taken our independence for granted?

I, as a
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Why we young people cant go and take up the responsiblities? Not even one of us has enough courage to make the difference? These are some questions which may always remain unanswered.

Concluding this topic, I would like to say that we all have partially taken our independence for granted. Yes, we do respect our national anthem, we do care for each other, we do love our country, but what’s the use? There is no use if we don’t take any measures to improve the situation we are living in and just simply keep on cribbing about it. Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. They should be informed and educated about the current political scenario. They should be molded into good leaders so that later they can prove to be an asset to our country. We should get back the same spirit, the same patriotism, the same love for our country what our national leaders had. Many people came, gave their whole life to this country, and went away making this place a much better place to live in than it was. Now it’s our chance. Jai Hind !!!

- Rishitu Amarnani

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