Have Historians over Emphasised the Slavery Issue as a Cause of the Civil War?

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The American Civil War has caused many debates amongst a wide range of historians resulting in many different views being formed on all aspects of the War. The argument whether slavery has been overemphasised is one of great debate. Some historians like Michael F. Holt concur that the slavery issue was nearly the only reason and cause of the American civil war. Others disagree, Joel H. Silbey agrees that this is a reason but not the only one other ideas to need to be looked at to the cause of the outbreak of war in America. I will look at this issue and others which caused the beginning of the civil war.
The civil war dominates American history from the Jackson age and up to the end of the civil war in 1861. Many scholars have tried to
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This must therefore be a massive factor in the American civil war. Being described as a crisis in American history, this must have been a large factor or contribution in the start or continuation of the American civil war. Looking at this factor then historians have over emphasised the issue of slavery to the cause of the civil war as other factors like the implementation of tariff were an explanation to why the civil war started.
Slavery, though, must not be overlooked as a cause of the civil war. Lincoln himself tried by "striking at slavery " aimed to root out the fundamental cause of the war. So writers of the time and the new revisionists emphasised the importance of the slavery issue. The slavery issue on the face of it only bought about specific problems, but the problems run deeper than first thought. The institution of slavery was central to the sense of cultural divergence between the north and the south. The sense of cultural separateness was accentuated by large scale immigration from the North after 1840. Hence the attempt to coordinate action among southern states. Policies of the government were consistently pro-southern and therefore alienated large sections of the North Americans. This actively brought the sections of society together; they were bound by the

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