Essay on Havana From Harlem & E. By Franklin Frazier 's Revenge

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You don’t realize the importance of freedom, until it is stripped away from you. The very idea of being constrained and your desires being halted is in complete opposition with human nature. If you asked someone what it means to be free, you would likely get an answer citing the ability to do as one pleases. However, analyzing the African- American experience, the idea of freedom become increasing complex. It often seems that with each law instilled to ensure our freedom, another obstacle appears to deny it. Within the context of the Constitution of the U.S. freedom and citizenship are intertwined: two parts of a whole ensuring a free life for all those deemed as Americans. The denial of these attributes of the American experience, raises the question of what it truly means to have citizenship and be free. The articles Havana Up in Harlem & E. Franklin Frazier’s Revenge discusses these discrepancies and offers new, insightful ideas regarding these two complex topics. The readings attempt to expand our common understandings of the meaning of citizenship and freedom by displaying the discrepancies between the written law of the land and the realities of the African-American experience. While also, analyzing alternative black theories that highlight the shortcomings of the Martin Luther King centered Civil Rights Movement.
By many definitions, the African-American is free and has been since the 13th and 14th Amendments were past, respectively abolishing slavery and making…

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