Essay on Hausser Food Products Company

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Hausser Food Products Company
Brenda Cooper, the southeastern regional sales manager for the Hausser Food Products Company (HFP) expressed her concern to a researcher from a well-known eastern business school:
I think during the past year I’ve begun to make some progress here, but the situation is a lot more difficult than I thought when I first arrived. Our current methods of selling products just are not adequate, and the people in the field don’t seem interested in coming up with new ideas or approaches to selling.
Hausser Food Products Company was a leading producer and marketer of baby foods in the United States. The company manufactured and marketed a whole line of foods for the baby market including strained meats,
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DDistrict Sales Manager (Jay Boyar)
Page 3 research, market planning, sales promotion, advertising, and sales. The sales department, which had been the focus of much recent concern, was headed by the director of sales, who directs selling activities for the entire United States. The country was broken up into seven regions, each of which had a regional sales manager. Regions are further broken up into districts (each of which may include a range of area from several states to part of a city, depending upon the particular location). The district manager headed up the HFP “sales team” for each district. It was this sales team that had the ultimate job of selling HFP products to customers, offering promotions, maintaining contact with the customers, assuring adequate shelf space, and so on.
A key element in the marketing organization was the regional sales manager. This had been an entry position to HFP for many bright, aggressive, and well-trained young people who subsequently had risen to high-level jobs within the company. The current president of the company, the vice

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