Hausser Food Case Essay

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Hausser Food Products Company is well known for its production of infant food. It controled approximately 60 percent of the market and continued to increases sales every year until the baby bust in 1980. This was the first time that Hausser started to see a decrease in sales. The marketing department has focused its efforts to increase sales. Currently, they have divided the country into seven geographical regions, each with a sales manager who reports back to the district level. The first step to achieving higher sales starts with the new management techniques at the corporate level.

While the sales have become stagnant, so have the selling techniques. Currently the sales representatives put in the minimal effort in order to
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The entire company’s culture has been built around the idea that simply meeting the minimum is acceptable. Fred learned that the sales representatives are there to meet the sales goals and nothing else. This starts to eliminate the feeling of worth amongst the employee, which further decreases their effort.

In order to start to increase the motivation, Hausser must change the way they develop their sales plan. Currently the company hands down the sales numbers based off last year’s performance. This is unproductive for several reasons. First, the company is being influenced by past events rather than looking at the current market to see what is happening presently. Another disadvantage is the sales representatives are not involved. Since the sales people are not involved, they have less motivation to work towards the goal. Finally, the goals are strictly based on numbers rather than motivating the sales to new markets.

To improve the annual sales plan, Hausser should completely reverse the way they do it. The regional sales manager should meet with each sales representative and work with him or her to create a personal goal. This will allow the sales representative to be involved in the process. At the same time the manager can push representatives to sell more before the year even begins. The district numbers should then be given back to corporate level management

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