Happy Valley Case Essay

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Executive Summary
Camp Happy Valley is a summer day camp which is located in London, Ontario. It formed in 1965, and as a not-for-profit organization. Camp Happy Valley engages in create a positive and safe atmosphere for children to increase their experience. Sue Johnson is the director of this camp and work for hiring the super staff team. Adam Cameron is the programmer for Happy Valley. The process of hiring and training staff was low efficiency, and the camp’s morale was depressed. Camp Happy Valley needs to make some decisions as soon as possible to improve this situation.
There are three problem areas faced by the Happy Valley. First of all, the process of hiring staff for Happy Valley is ineffective. Another problem area is that
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A lot of time was wasted. Many candidates found the jobs in other places while they were not checked by the Happy Valley. Meanwhile, because of Happy Valley did not have a formal process during hiring returning employees, the procedure was very chaotic. As a result, a lot of defects came out during the procedure of selecting staff.
There is a lack of fit between organization process and people because the process of training was boring. It was so monotonous that the supervisor always speaking. A large number of employees felt tired after they went through the process of training. They thought the training was useless, so they lacked a positive attitude and staff spirit for their jobs. Moreover, the administrative tasks were tedious, and it also wasted the time. Therefore, the quality of training was unsatisfactory. There is a lack of fit between organization structure and tasks. Due to the lack of proper arrangement and the profound understanding of the organizational structure, there was only one director to supervise all super staff. There were nineteen people in the super staff team, and they were divided by four sections of camp. It is extremely difficult for Johnson to manage all of these super staff and sections. In addition, it was also irrational that there was only Cameron in the program section. These four different sections had their own function, and they involved in different parts. Although he had

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