Happiness Is A Hard Thing Essay

1734 Words Nov 25th, 2016 7 Pages
Happiness is a hard thing to come by and a goal most people try to achieve. They wander around searching for a purpose in life never imagining the world without their existence, but I 've learned that happiness is achieved not through riches or status but by making the best with the hand you 're dealt. To take it day-to-day and enjoying what little time we have on this beautiful earth. So I plan for tomorrow as if I was immortal and make the most of each minute I 'm given because knowing i gave it my best allows me to hold my head a little higher everyday.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”-Aristotle. For years I tackled the ideas of right and wrong and always treading on the past about what could have been. when your young you don 't really think much about the consequence and don 't think they would effect you in the long run. So i did what any adolescent would do and followed the crowd believing what i was experience was happy. Like a sugar rush it would quickly disperse as soon as i would get home alone with my thoughts. trying to fit in was just a tactic to not feeling lonely. Was i just doom to follow the plan, follow the herd? Everything just seemed repetitive and i couldn 't take it. i had a breakdown and knew if I wanted to catch this treasured gift i had to get to know the man in charge, myself. I and I alone were the key to unlocking it. told myself that if i was feeling any emotion it was because I wanted to and I was in control to…

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