Happily Productive or Productively Happy Essay

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Happiness or felicity is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. And on this account, we see a thin line linking happiness, though a personal matter, to productivity in the workplace. But which one really comes before the other, happiness or productivity, might be a little hazy at this point. Hence, to answer this, we come to recognize the sources of our own happiness while at work and how it relates to our performance.
Based on Kjerulf’s cogitations, happiness at work is the no. 1 productivity booster, and citing reasons like: Happy people work better with others, fix problems rather than complain about them, make better decisions; they’re optimistic and way more motivated, and they
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And although old school, it has a lot to say. Happy employees would most likely do better than those employees who perform based on recognitions. When you love and enjoy your job, you’ll eventually feel more inclined to doing great things at work because of these three (3) main reasons:
1. You know what you are doing (from end to end point, and you know how to go about it strategically);

2. You simply find happiness and inspiration in your job (and no matter the weight of every task to be done, you find yourself smiling and doing better without complaining); and

3. You have the eagerness to finish the job (because you know that your job needs you, instead of you needing and wanting to keep that position, being able to dedicate not just your energy and appetite for work, but also your time).
That’s the reason why at times, we wonder how a person lasts in his/her job despite the high demands and requirements of his/her work and boss. They are simply those happy people who are passionate and dedicated in carrying out their responsibilities, and would most likely drive their company to success.
So the next time you hire a new entrant, be sure that this person is someone who wants the job because he/she believes that she can do a lot of things for the company having that passion for the job rather than someone who wants it

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