Hannah Baker Poem Analysis

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Hannah Baker: the girl who commit suicide because of thirteen reasons that ruined her life. She is an insecure girl and feels very alone in her new town. After the moment she made the decision to kill herself, she made seven cassette tapes on which she explains her motives. She sends the tapes to everyone who caused a reason for her to commit suicide.

Clay Jensen: Clay has been in love with Hannah for a very long time and still misses her.

On a random day, totally unpredicted, Clay receives a box with tapes. After he nicked the Walkman of his friend Tony, he starts listening. Quiet soon he figures out that on that 7 tapes, Hannah explains why she decided to commit suicide. Every tape speaks to one person in particular. In the box with
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In Hannah's Peer Communication class, there was a room where students could leave compliments for classmates. At this time, Hannah was already depressed. It turned out that Zach removed compliments from her bag. This action made Hannah feel even worse. In the Peer Communiaction class, there was the opportunity to write poems and texts. Hannah wrote a poem about her suicidal feelings. Instead of taking the poem seriously, everybody thought Hannah only made it up for attention. In tape eight, Hannah tells about Ryan Shaver. Writing poems became a way for Hannah to clear things up in her head. When she made a very personal poem about not being able to accept herself, she let Ryan read it. Without Hannah's permission, Ryan published the poem in his magazine. Hannah felt really betrayed.

The ninth tape is about Clay himself. Hannah explains that Clay does not actually belong on the list, because he did not do anything wrong to her. She was interested in Clay for a long time. At a party, she got the chance to talk to him. Clay was very understanding and kind to her, because he loved Hannah. When they started kissing, Hannah was so overwhelmed, she asked Clay to leave. Clay left, but he still feels really bad about that. He still has the feeling he should have stayed, but she made very clear he did not do a thing

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