Handwashing Research Paper

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Key words used when trying to search for my topic was handwashing, health care works with handwashing, handwashing in child care settings

A total of 100 students were observed in 10 of the most widely used public restrooms on campus to determine whether or not they washed their hands

Students that were observed using the restroom were then asked to answer survey questions upon emerging from the bathroom. The surveys were coded as to whether the student washed their hands or not and consisted of a short questionnaire regarding major and gender. This data was used to categorize students into statistical groups

This paper is over handwashing. This topic stuck out because it is comparing handwashing in college students
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It will also explain how they think healthcare workers can transmit infections and sickness throughout a daycare or throughout nursing homes. This paper also talks about how handwashing can prevent diseases and infection. As stated in one article, “the five-step handwashing technique washes the thumbs, the finger tips, the backs of the hands and fingers, and between fingers.” CITE . This five-step technique was revised because it once stated to wash the wrist as well and researchers have found that washing the wrist could possibly wet the sleeves of the person’s clothing’ s, and allowing bacteria to grow to pass from person to person that they come in contact with. Researchers believe that handwashing is the number one way to prevent infections and the spread of them. Another issues with washing our hands, they become dry or they start cracking after they have been washed with soap so many times. Many of the participants in each study didn’t think much about handwashing or what it could do to the person you are taking care of without washing your hands. One studied stated that, “females are more likely to wash their hands after using the bathroom when someone else is in the bathroom with them.” CITE. A few articles state that there is general knowledge linking science majors, which include biology and nursing majors, with hand hygiene. One article states that, “oil based products are more effective in retaining moisture on the skin, but may feel greasy or sticky when trying to put gloves on in a healthcare setting.” CITE. Most researchers have found that handwashing is most effective if your hands are being rubbed together for at least fifteen

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