Essay about Hals Hardware Case

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1. Conduct a SWOT analysis for HHI’s proposed electronic commerce Web site. You can use the information in the case narrative, your personal knowledge of the retail hardware industry, and information you obtain by following links in the Online Companion or doing independent searches of the Web as you conduct your analysis. You should create a diagram similar to Figure 1-12 to summarize your SWOT analysis results.

• Has a website (worldwide)
• Will include online shipping
• Customers can save money by not traveling to the store
• Have a strong reputation
• When hired salespeople go through a comprehensive training program
• Cost of running the site
• Not having all of HHI inventory items available for sale
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By far, Hal’s hardware knows what customers want and knows how to treat them. This will bring a stronger reputation.
Hal’s hardware website should be more catchy with more advertisements and information so that it can attract buyers. Hal’s hardware should offer all of their inventory items on their website such as wheelbarrows and live plants, that way customers can research them and order them on the web site and pick them up in store. They should also have exemption on to what they can ship for example big items and live plants which will only be available to pick up in stores. Hal’s hardware website should also encourage customers to create an account in order to reduce risks of attackers abusing the website.
Hal’s hardware can overcome any weaknesses and threats by offering all of their inventory items on their website with the exception that the customer can order the item but if it’s too big or for example if it’s a live plant, it will only be available to pick up in stores. Competition is a big threat when being in business, especially from national hardware chains such as Home Depot and Lowes. Hal’s hardware can overcome threats from their competitions by offering their lowest price and better customer service than

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