Guns Kill And Cause Violence Essay

1513 Words Sep 30th, 2015 7 Pages
This country is known for its freedom, but it’s slowly being taken away from us by the government and protesters who think that guns kill and cause violence and murders. The protesters like to blame the gun for what people do, the gun doesn’t shoot itself, and it’s the ignorant person behind it. America is known for their gun power and strength and if you take that all away then countries will be able to attack us more easily. The key is to be responsible with guns, which would make no problems. It is not easy to stop the crimes but we can always make an effort to. The main reasons we need guns in this country is for self-defense, safety, security and rights. People in the United States have the right to bear and keep arms. Most people don’t know how to use guns and may think they are bad which is why people need to have more gun education so that they have to smarts and experience of guns. Blaming guns isn’t just the only option as there can be numerous fun education programs and services that could be enacted in its place.

People need to learn about the guns and how to use them. Along with believing it to be their rights as American citizens, gun control opponents believe that guns actually save lives more than take them. There should be a way to check more deeply if the person should have a gun or not, which brings me to my next point which is background checks. We won’t be able to know if a person is responsible with guns or not, that’s why we have the background…

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