Gun Control Effect

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The Impact of Gun Control in America’s Social Order
What is our common goal in life? Is it to have wealthy lifestyle? Is it to find a dream job? Many of us want to achieve the American dream. The ability to live freely, acquire property and enjoy everything we worked hard for. But, what would be the consequences of wanting more but not wanting to work? While some go out and work their way up and obtain the life they dream for, others wanted an easy way of getting things. If people want to get quick cash without any drop of sweat would easily resort to stealing or committing crimes. When economic resources are scare , people struggle and crime rates soar high. When crimes happen often, people get scared and will start to think of how they will protect themselves and the things they worked hard for. A defense mechanism each would consider when threatened with
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Many people that do not obey laws commit crime and are put to jail. The gun control law will not prevent them from obtaining guns. The gun control intention to stop bad people of getting an easy access to handguns will becomes pointless. It makes it difficult to take away gun from criminals. Therefore, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. While majority owners obtain their guns in transactions that are documented and for the most part legal, the same is not true for criminals. In the article published in Newsweek, almost all guns used in criminal acts enter circulation via initial legal transaction. A national survey of inmates of state prisons found that 10% of the respondents who admitted to have gun at the time of arrest had obtained from a gun store, while 90% obtained them through a variety of off-the- book means, such as gifts or sharing arrangements with fellow gangs. Cook P. (2016). Gun controls laws legislations do not take guns away from criminals but will leave the law abiding citizens defenseless and at risk of being

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