Short Essay On Gun Control

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Bijay Rai
ESOL 052
Gun Control The United States is on top among twenty-five high-income nations of firearm deaths( more than 30,000 each year) and with around 400,000 gun crimes committed every year. According to this statistic, strict and powerful laws are needed to keep guns out of the public. 270 millions guns are owned by Americans, and thousands of people die from gun each year, which shows that guns don’t keep us safe. Although many people own guns for self-protection, studies and statistic have shown that a gun in the people’s hand increase the risk of firearm-related death or injury, suicide, and an accidental shooting. Gun in the people’s hand increase the risk of firearm-related death or injury. The government
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In 2010, 19,392 Americans committed suicide with guns, and 11,078 Americans committed suicide with other methods. In 100 percent of suicide deaths, almost 65 percent suicide by only gun which shows that it is easy to end our life by gun in such a short period of time. Margot Sanger-Katz(journalist), said that, “When we think about the deaths from guns, we always focus on homicides. But the problem of gun suicide is inescapable: More than 60 percent of people in this country who die from guns die by suicide”. My friend committed suicide in 2012 by a gun. He was so talented person than any of my friends, but his practice to decide everything so fast was not good at all. He used to get anger and happy within a minute. He had a girlfriend, whom he loved so much. One day, she left him, so my friend got so mad and decided to end himself. At first, he tried to kill himself by knife, but his parents found out him bleeding inside his room and they took him into hospital and he recovered after few month. It was sad that he tried to kill himself again not by a knife but by a gun and this time, his parents failed to bring him back to life. Because we are not a robot, our feelings change, attitude change, and our decision-making ability change like a season. So there will be more chance to end our life by gun if we have one. If a gun is not at hand, public health researchers cite two reasons guns are particularly

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