Guns Control And Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control A firearm is considered to be a weapon from which a shot is discharged by gunpowder. There are many different types of firearms such as, a revolver, pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Not only are there different types of firearm, but as well as different firing mechanisms. You have two different options, semi-automatic and automatic. With a semi-automatic gun you have to squeeze the trigger each time you shoot, with an automatic gun as long as you hold the trigger it will shoot until you let go. The control of firearms has been an issue for years, but with the recent mass shooting around the world there has been an increase in publicity over there control of guns. According to (Bloomberg) “Republicans have shot down any attempts to enact new Federal gun control laws and restrictions. Yet lawmakers have had some success in a handful of states such as Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and New York have toughened back ground check rules or banned large capacity clips or weapons.” In Colorado, where twelve people where killed legislature has combated this with tougher background checks and limiting all magazines sold to a ten round capacity limit. According to (Bloomberg), after Colorado enforced there new rules Colorado voters forced three pro gun control legislators from office. On the other hand sixteen other states, including Alabama, Kansas, Maine, Oklahoma, and Virginia among them have loosened gun control laws as a reaction to the Sandy Hook school shooting.”…

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