Essay on Guns And Gun Control Controversy

1567 Words Mar 31st, 2016 null Page
Guns have been around the world since the 14th century starting with the Matchlock gun to the automatic firearms. In the beginning guns were intentionally used by industrialized countries in order to protect their residents and land from anyone who posed a threat. There have been many wars, battles, a and deaths throughout history due to firearms. To this day guns have dramatically changed and are at fault for many of the conflicts the United states faces. In the Bill of Rights the 2nd amendment gives people the rights to have guns and firearms to protect themselves from any danger. At the start of the 21st century the gun control controversy has exploded and became a hot topic to the American people; because of this is concern has been raised concerns among citizens who own gun shops, students and professors on universities that may allow open carry, law enforcement and everyday citizens. Texas residents are big fans of owning guns and having the ability to access them at whatever time they choose. However, many accidents have occurred in parts of the United States. Although, mass public shootings have been occurring the State of Texas is resistant to getting rid of guns and enforcing tighter gun control laws. There has been a push to allow open carry. This law will allow people to be able carry a holstered firearm on them in public no matter where they are going. The allows anyone who has a gun license in Texas the ability to carry them if they choose to do so. Although…

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