Violence Argumentative Essay

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Throughout life, everyone encounters violence in some way, whether that was at the playground, at school or within a relationship. Violence escalates quickly when trying to, “fight fire with fire” (Conventional Wisdom). It can only be broken by love and having loving relationships. Violence is mostly represented globally by physical damage such as using firearms. In America, guns are legal in many states. Almost everyone in the US has access to firearms, whether they are sold in drugstores or even banks. Owning a gun at home increases the chance of self or family related injury. It can get misplaced or improperly stored and children could potentially find it. It also brings danger into a community due to emotionally unstable or mentally unfit …show more content…
When a firearm is misplaced or stolen, it needs to be reported to the police immediately. Some people fail to notice that their gun is stolen and are not fast enough to report it which can cause unwanted accidents. There have been quite a number of reports in the states of children finding the family’s firearms. The presence of weapons around children can jeopardize everyone 's safety in the house and in the neighborhood. Sometimes young children or even teens have shot one of their siblings or parents by accident, not knowing it’s strength, but some are fully aware of its outcomes. The public high school, Columbine in Colorado, had a massacre in 1999, in which two students had stolen guns from their parents and killed twelve students and one …show more content…
However, looking at the statistics and watching the news, it clearly shows that it puts their lives and others in danger. These individuals need to stop the influence of the culture of violence. This needs to happen, in order, to look past all the possible things that could potentially go wrong and see the big picture. Instead of trying to stop violence by fighting back, the moral thing to do is to embrace it and treated with love and peace. Living in justice is only possible when peace and love is present. While, love and peace can only be present when living in loving relationships and being interconnected to one another without

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