Gun Controls And Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control Can gun control really stop gun violence like all the gun grabbers and anti-gunners say?
Their plan will not work and why it violates one of our most basic rights in the constitution. According to the second amendment, we have a right to bear arms so this should not even be a discussion. Gun control will not stop gun violence according to statistics. The statistics show that areas with stricter gun control have higher violent crime rates than areas with less to normal gun laws. They feel that their new gun control laws will stop mass killings while at a high school somebody went into a school with a knife and stabbed 25 students and nobody could stop him, except for a parent who was concealed carrying.
First off let us talk about what gun control actually is. Gun control is any regulation or law on certain types of guns and accessories. The gun control activists are looking for an all out ban on “assault” weapons such as an AR-15 and many others like it. Most people who are for gun control know little to nothing about guns or the 2nd amendment for that matter. If these politicians are so strong about banning guns and taking them then they should be the ones knocking on doors taking them then. If we do not need guns to protect us then they should get rid of their armed security since guns are not needed for protection.
In these gun laws, they are looking to ban most firearms and have already instituted bans on certain weapons in some states and cities as well. In…

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