Would Gun Control Minimize School Shootings

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Would gun control minimize school shootings?
School shootings have been on the rise in the past couple of years. Most people ask themselves would gun control help reduce school shootings. It seems that the gun control topic is only brought up when a school shooting occurs. We shouldn’t think about controlling guns every time a school shooting happens. A school shooting is defined as anybody getting injured or killed by a gun. According to the FBI a mass shooting is one where at least four people are killed by a gun. In most cases we don’t hear about the school shootings that happen because there isn’t a major number of casualties, so there not big news. In fact, most school shootings go unheard of. There have been 47 school shootings reported
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Former secretary of state and presidential contender Hillary Clinton called for gun control actions “It’s time that our country stood up against the NRA” (Strauss). Presidential nominee and former Florida senator Marco Rubio also had an opinion on gun control stating “First of all, the only people that follow the law are law-abiding people. Criminals, by definition, ignore the law, so you can pass all the gun laws in the world”. (Haughey). During the a presidential debate Hillary Clinton referred back to what Australia and Canada have done to protect their people from shootings. Canada implemented stricter gun laws and Australia did a mandatory gun buy back program where they offered a good amount of money to people to give up their guns. Australia saw a good effect by doing this and they didn’t have to make a dramatic gun law. President Obama also referred to Australia’s mandatory buy back program and hinting he would be willing to do the …show more content…
Something most people don’t realize. In a times article there are a reported 310 million firearms in the United State. This is why school shootings are increasing compared to the past couple of years. Places that have gun control laws see a much smaller rate of school shootings. Times also reported that in 2012 people in America spent an estimate of $6 billion dollars in guns and ammunition. The NRA spend a lot of money opposing gun control when that money could be spent helping schools with security, or making mental health awareness known. When a school shooting happens resulting in death tax payers see the cost from there pocket. Times reports that 229 billion dollars are spend protecting a 6-billion-dollar industry. If gun control was imposed as a law, we would not only see a decline in school shootings but we would also see less spending on

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