Gun Control Laws On America Essay

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Although gun control laws may appear to lower gun related crimes, it tends to do more harm than good, such as increasing rates of other violent crimes; that “gun free zones” tend not to prevent gun crime, and historically, gun control being used as tool for tyranny and oppression around the world. What gun control has been shown to cause in America is to increase the rates of violent crimes. Violent crimes increase after the passage of laws meant to hinder the law-abiding citizens’ options for self-defense because criminals know they are less likely to get injured or killed in the commission of their crimes by their chosen victims. A study performed in 2007 by two Harvard criminologists studying gun control laws in America and Europe found that, “nations with stringent gun-control laws generally have substantially higher murder rates than those who do not.” (Citation – Recently, President Obama requested that the CDC conduct a study on gun violence in America. The study by the CDC found that national estimates point towards defensive gun use by victims are as common, if not more so, as offensive use by criminals during the commission of a crime. (Citation – Violent crimes such as murder, sexual assault and battery, armed robberies or burglaries are the types of crimes that are likely to increase when a citizen has their best means of defense removed under the guise of it being for their own protection. These are only a few reasons why gun…

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