Essay about Gun Control Isn 't The Answer

1289 Words Oct 6th, 2016 6 Pages
Gun control isn’t the answer. As a law abiding citizen I follow the rules and make sure that my gun is in a safe place at all times. The key problem that people don’t realize is that guns do not shoot themselves but instead they are shot by the person who holds it whether they are of stable mind or not. Many think that by placing gun laws into effect it will reduce violence but the truth is that it will actually cause more harm than good. Take for example drugs and other substances they are illegal, people all over the country are still able to get them and abuse them. What difference will it make for criminals who are dead on set to go on a rampage; either way they will manage to get firearms by either making one or by acquiring one through third party sources and when the time comes that you need a gun to defend yourself you won’t have anything in hand because as a law abiding citizen you listened to the government and trusted them by turning in your weapons. Who should own a gun? Many people own guns, that’s a fact but out of the many there are bound to be people that are not mentally equipped to own a firearm. Instead of taking weapons and labeling them as “dangerous” we should take a look at the person who is wielding the weapon. To further prevent any danger-inducing scenarios we can take much more thorough background checks by even taking their mental psyche into consideration. A licensed professional can talk to them and analyze them to see if they are well…

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