Should Personal Assault Weapons Be Banned

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Do you own a personal Rifle?. I feel that personal rifles should be banned by the government and no longer be sold to anyone. Personal ownership of assault weapons can be dangerous when placed in the wrong hands. They should also be banned because it’s increases day by day spreading like a disease across the world. Crime rates are increasing rather decreasing due to the spread of personal assault weapons. Firstly, personal assault weapons can be dangerous when placed in the wrong hands. Personal Firearms can mistakenly fall in the wrong hands when kept at home, in the garage or even buried underground. Gun storage at home can cause so many damages especially when the owner has curious kids. For instance, when a father who has a curious son buys and owns a gun legally, he doesn’t tell his son and thinks not telling him is a good idea. Weeks later after the father buys the gun and keeps it in a hidden safe in the basement of his house, the
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Most criminals all over the world get their firearms from the ones who own it legally. In support of this, people who legally own assault weapons for years and get old and eventually die can lose their firearms to the wrong people. When they die, criminals can break into their home and steal their firearms and use it for criminal activities just because the person who own the firearm dies. In another instance, the person who own s the firearm legally entrusts the rifle to a friend thinking it’s the best idea and when he eventually die the friend with the weapon misplaces it or just decide he has nothing to do with it so he just keep it anywhere and when a criminal sees it he steals it because the person with the firearm was careless. Furthermore, crime rates increases specifically because people who own firearms get

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