Essay on Gun Control And The United States

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Do you feel that there are too many violent gun incidents in the United States every year? If you said yes then you agree with millions of other Americans. Gun control, laws, and bans are a largely controversial issue within our country. As of right now there are a large variety of laws about guns, ammunition, and magazines. Large caliber rounds as well as magazines that hold more than 10 bullets are now not purchasable by civilians. Machine guns have far more restrictions due to their extended capabilities. Machine guns are able to deliver a large number of rounds continuously at a target as long as the trigger is pressed. A common misconception about machine guns is that they shoot larger rounds then handguns. In some cases this is true but for the most part they use a .22 or .223 round which is a standard 5.6mm (diameter), one inch long round that is also used in handguns. In the United States during 2013 there were 30 mass killings with 137 victims killed and many more wounded as stated in USA Today’s article 30 Mass Killings, 137 Victims: A Typical Year. 26 of these 30 killings were committed with a machine gun. One of the other four was committed with a bomb, and the remaining three were committed with pistols. The two most deadly killings were committed with handguns due to more maneuverability and an easier ability to conceal them. According to Webster’s Dictionary, “A concealed carry weapon (CCW) is any weapon including a handgun that is hidden and in close…

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