Essay on Gun Control And The Gun Rights

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Back in the pioneer days, whether you were trying to get food for your family, or fighting off that angry bear that comes by every morning, guns were heavily relied on for every aspect of life.Recently, however, guns have increasingly been used by people to hurt and/or kill other humans. People have been trying for decades to figure out a way to keep innocent lives safe from inappropriate gun use while still allowing guns for those who are responsible and use them as intended for safety and hunting. Therefore, there are two main groups, the gun rights activists who wish to keep their guns, and the gun control activists who wish to get rid of guns.While there are many great claims both for and against gun control, much of the controversy could be resolved if there were more reliable and in depth background checks, those found eligible could possess guns for the purposes of hunting and/or personal protection, and through implementation of mandatory safety features to help lower the number of accidental gun deaths.
People that are pro gun rights, such as the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and the Second Amendment Foundation have great arguments to support their side in the gun control controversy (“Anti-Gun Control Groups: 8 Organizations Fighting for 2nd Amendment.”). Simply stated, gun control laws will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Reasoning behind this statement is straightforward, criminals are called so because they do not obey the…

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