Gun Control And Mass Violence Essay

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A shot heard in the distance. People shouting, but their panicked voices get overwhelmed with the sirens of ambulances and police cars. Screams sounded from everywhere and soon, news channels have let the whole world know about the catastrophe that occurred seconds ago. This happens almost every day in many cities. More and more of those who carry guns have decided to let everything loose and at the end, many people get lost as well. As a result of weak gun control, mass violence has become an all-too-common occurrence in the United States. Even though the news has constantly told stories elaborating on mass violence, some people still assume that no harm exists in carrying a gun. Research states that although guns do not only cause mass violence, they hold the highest percentage, meaning stronger gun control laws will result in the mass violence rates to drastically decrease.
Throughout history, many mass murders have occurred where the weapon used was a gun. “The FBI defines mass murder as four or more victims in a single incident” (Sauer). Nearly one-third of the world’s mass-shootings occurred in the United States. A specific terrible incident happened in 1949, where a man got pushed over the edge, injuring three people and murdering 13 others. Late on the night of September 5, Howard Unruh went out to catch a movie with a friend. Unfortunately, he got held up by traffic and when he reached the theater, his friend had already left. Upset and bitter, he stayed at the…

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