Essay on Guidelines Of Guidelines For Asthma Management

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Kercsmar (2008) notes that for asthma management to be effective, more emphasis must also be put on asthma self-management patient education. There are key underlying features in this kind of education relating to asthma including basic knowledge about asthma, symptom recognition, trigger identification, knowledge and understanding of optimal controls, use and purpose of devices and asthma medication, and utilization of asthma action plan, which must all be incorporated in the education process. This is advantageous because it puts the patient in charge of asthma management process except only that a patient will not prescribe medication for themselves. However, as Boulet et al (1999) notes, the success of the asthma management in this case will be dependent on the level of understanding of the patient of the components of self-management education as well as the full acceptance of responsibility by the patient.
According to Jones (2008), self-management of asthma holds several advantages including a reduction in the number of urgent hospital visits or hospitalizations, appropriate use of asthma medications, patient satisfaction with care, high life quality, and low expenses on care. However, patients in self-management might not easily realize the great advantages that self-management holds. Some patients might hold the belief that it is impossible to ensure symptom control with self-management (Blatss et al, 2009). Since this aspect of asthma management has not been given…

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