My Reflection On The Goal Of Guided Reading

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In the course, Celebrate Thorough Reading, I had to reflect on a reading goal that was important to me. The goal that I chose was reading aloud to your students. Shared book reading has been linked to emergent literacy. With this being said, when teachers read to students they are leaning how to recognize letters and understand that print represents a spoken word (Duursma, Augustyn, Zuckerman, 2009). Shared reading is one of the important ways to teach children how to read and understand print concepts. Sometimes the best way to help your students to understand literature is to first read it aloud and discuss the literature (Cooper, 2000). This will also help activate knowledge that the children already know while helping them develop vocabulary. …show more content…
In this course we had to annotate an article over modeling in reading and writing. One of the areas that modeling needed is for guided reading. “Guided reading involves supporting students as they flexibly apply a range of strategies to processing text at graduated levels of difficulty.” (Jamison, 2011). When teachers model using a text or book this is unfamiliar to their students, it helps students learn, reading strategies, such as using context clues, letter and sound knowledge, and syntax or word structure. The goal of guided reading is for students to use these strategies independently on their way to becoming fluent, skilled readers. This will also help them to become independent writers. I model for both reading and writing and I do this through mini-lessons, and conferences because reading and writing skills do not develop naturally. “Children will internalize the meaning of written language more easily if they see appropriate role model’s writing, and when the teacher interacts with their students as they write.” (Dixon-Krauss, 1996). Teachers need to read aloud many stories. An example of a mini- lesson that will help students with reading and writing is to read aloud a story to your students. When you read aloud you do not only look at the text you also look at the illustrations. One book that could be used for a mini-lesson is The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. This book works great for a unit covering plants. In this book Eric Carle uses bright, colorful illustrations and uses dramatic text where children can understand the life cycle of a seed. Gerde, Bingham & Wasik suggest that teachers should plan their reading and writing activities around a theme that the children are learning about (Gerde, Bingham, Wasik 2012). In my classroom room one of my themes is over plants. For one of my lessons I will use the book The Tiny Seed to teach my students about plants. With this

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