Essay on Growth Opportunities Within International Markets

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Growth opportunities within international markets are a key reason for firms to want to internationalize its business. Growth within businesses means increased profit from expanding internationally which is very important for different firms. A few of the drivers for the internationalization of business include improving global education and a global talent pool, E-commerce, homogenization of culture and consumer demands, knowledge sharing, and the rapid and extensive global communication. All firms, whether small or large, in all different countries are steadily becoming global or are trying to become global.
The first driver is improving global education and a global talent pool, which is vital in having talented and successful employees in your business. Having very educated and talented employees allows a business to create the best products that will do well in the market. In our society today it is becoming increasingly necessary to obtain a higher education, which in return will create a more talented pool of people going into the workforce. It has been studied upon that “the inability to secure future talent with the right skills and to manage talent-related costs keeps firms from being able to quickly scale up their operations to meet demand in new locations and to launch new products and services”(Winthrop, Bulloch, Bhatt, Wood, pg.2).
While having the right skilled people will just allow firms to be more prepared in adverse situations and have a…

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