Essay on Growing Up With Gadgets By Journeyman Pictures

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In the last 20 years use of technology for everyday life has completely changed everything we do as a society. From the way we process information to how we heat our homes and how we interact with the world around us. Technology is an ever growing part of everyday life, especially in first world countries such as the United States. Almost everything is done with the use of technology and gadgets. We listen to music through an Ipod, stream news, text through hand held telephones, and communicate through various platforms on social media. Internet is available in almost every home, restaurant, coffee shop and building. If wifi is unavailable we are able to use 4g internet to connect from almost anywhere. The question that many people want to know is if the use of technology and constant connectivity is detrimental, especially in the development society’s youth.

The short documentary Growing Up with Gadgets by Journeyman Pictures explores how technology has impacted education in the classroom and everyday life through the lense of a 3rd grader named Emma. Emma is the 8 year old niece of the narrator/director of the documentary, Casey Kanode. In the beginning Casey explains that not only is Emma great at softball, dancing and science. “She 's also part of a generation who have only known a world of cell phones, video games, and computers.” (Kanode, Gadgets) Any child born in the late 90’s has no concept of a world without technology and gadgets. By the early 2000’s…

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