Growing Demand For School Schools Essay

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There is an every growing demand for school districts to incorporate programs that will meet the needs of at-risk students. This study was carried out because of the national dropout epidemic. According to John Bridgeland (2010), “Graduation rates are between 68% - 73%, that is 1/3 of all public high school students, nearly 1/2 of minorities, in the United States fail to graduate with their class.” Additionally, from personal experience working with at-risk students, the question has arisen as to how early can these students be identified and given the appropriate assistance that will increase their likelihood of graduation. This study has revealed that by implementing programs at the middle school or elementary grades we can increase the graduation percentage of at-risk students and as a result, these kids can have hope for a better future. Many successful at-risk programs intercept students at the high school level once they are on a path to academic failure, however, by this time, there are many students who are already lost to the dropout crisis. Finding a way to assist at-risk students at a younger age is pivotal towards maximizing the graduation rate of our nation’s school districts. One question that must be asked is how early schools can begin to address the dropout issue. For maximum results, should districts wait until high school to assist at-risk students or is it more beneficial to catch them in junior high/middle school? To delve into the issue even further,…

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