Essay about Group Therapy And The Elderly

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Groups for the older population help them have a better chance of being able to do a lot of things they normally may not be able to do. Group therapy recommends that being alone and separation are condensed and the amount of people communicating is heightened in groups. The elderly that have problems are better off in group sessions which help them have a feeling that others care about what is happening in their lives. It gives them a feeling of being secure and not afraid to talk. Group therapists help the elderly with their simple essentials; their body starting to have problems, and isolation in before they begin speaking of any progress and change. "Weisman and Schwartz (1989) also warned that failure to address these factors reduced group effectiveness; basic needs of older persons must be met in order to ensure that growth and development ultimately can occur". There are psychoeducational groups for the elderly that help them become meet people. When the elders are given a reason to think about different aspects it helps them become healthy, instead of steadily losing their minds. Joining groups will help them have a purpose that they may not have if they isolate themselves. Another benefit they can have a group of people around them to do aerobics, being able to sing together, putting words into poems, making things, etc. This can help them being able to open up and discuss their problems with the group and open up about subjects they normally would not do. One good…

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