Group Reflective Essay

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The reading from the textbook relates to what discuss in many ways. The first way the textbook relates to what we learned in class is in section that where it mentions why children do better in group counseling rather then individual counseling. This topic relates to what we did in class because when we were playing our group games we need to break the group into smaller size because some games only allowed four members or less. The second way the textbook relates to what we learned in class is when it mentions the fact the activities are need for children during a group discussion because they do not come prepared to discuss. Finally the third way the textbook relates to what we learned in class in the section where the textbook discusses …show more content…
The first important concept to remember is when leading children group counseling is more beneficial then individual counseling. For example, support groups and counseling groups help children hear that they are not alone with their feelings. Also, group counseling can provide useful information and support to children living with alcoholic parents, divorced parents, stepparents and children facing other issues.
The second important concept that should be remembered is that when a group leaders dealing with group members with a military background they should possess special training in understanding military culture and the stress of deployment and reintegration. In addition, the leader must have the ability to handle intense emotion especially when a veteran is dealing with emotions problems relating to a witnessed a death of a friend or a fellow soldier. The third important concept to remember is when dealing with divorce groups there are special skills that the group leader needed, such as knowledge of grief counseling and not to be afraid of emotional pain. Also, the group leaders should use Rational emotive behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. These two types of therapies are useful because many times during recovery group members are telling themselves several irrational sentences about approval, failure, and happiness. The fourth important concept to remember

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