Group Dynamics : Study Of Groups And How The People Within Them Interact With Each Other

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Group Dynamics is the study of groups and how the people within them interact with each other. This semester I have been both a participant and an observer in the Guide to Purpose and Success class. This allows me to assess and analyze how I function in groups and how those around me function in groups. All groups are set up in different ways, and studying this group allowed me to gain knowledge about myself and society as a whole. As a participant, when we would form smaller groups to discuss a subject I often found myself taking on an initiative role. An initiator proposes task or goals and suggests procedures for getting the task accomplished. For example, when we got into groups to work on run-on sentences or fragments I would start off by reading the directions out loud and asking everyone how we want to go about the assignment. I also found myself asking clarifying questions to get everyone really thinking about the subject at hand. There was a time when we got into groups to discuss vulnerability and my classmate Mary mentioned a story of how personal connection with her parents was more important to her as a child than as a teenager. I started to ask her questions about what she thought causes this shift in our behavior. This allowed for a more interactive conversation. From these observations I discovered that I become more of an active participant in smaller groups than in larger groups.
My classmates taught me to be more open minded and to think critically about…

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