Group Decision Making And Problem Solving Essay

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the first part of chapter 9 in the book Working in Groups by Isa N. Engleberg and Dianna R. Wynn, the authors highlight the importance of group decision-making and problem solving. There are many distinct differences between group decision-making and group problem solving, which involve different scenarios and environments. We will be discussing group decision-making and how the book describes the particular role and use for each specific communication tool related to the context of this class. We will now dive into group decision-making and the factors that make up its unique methods, questions, and styles. The authors state,” Decision making involves making a judgment, choosing an option, and making up your mind about something. Group decision making results in a position, opinion, judgment, or action,” (Pg 195). To understand what decision-making and its process truly entails we must also look at three unique methods that a group can use to effectively make a decision. The first method in the book is voting, and is described as,” Voting is the easiest and most obvious way to make a group decision,”(Pg 196). The method is split up into two types of voting, majority vote and two-thirds vote. Majority voting is where more than half the members vote in favor of a specific idea or direction.This type of voting may cause the losing side to feel noncompliant and distant from the project. The second type of voting is titled two-thirds vote, “which means at least twice as…

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